What is the best collar for a Doberman?

Standing at anywhere from 65 to 72 cenimeters tall, the Doberman Pinscher is far from small. Given their long history in the police force and security services, it’s no wonder this breed has such an intimidating reputation. However anyone who owns a Doberman knows that, beneath that tough exterior, lies an affectionate and friendly companion. Dobermans are loyal and affectionate dogs, making them some of the best family pets.
That being said, caring for your Doberman isn’t always easy. These dogs were initially working dogs but have evolved to adapt to any living situation. On this note, they are super active and require exercise and consitent training to keep them happy. That means you need to gather a few accessories for comfortable and worthwhile walks.

While some Doberman owners might argue that they never use a collar with their dogs, a collar is more important than you might think. In the UK it is a legal equirement that all dog breeds wear a collar and ID tag in public. Also not to mention that lost dogs who wear collars often have a higher chance of being returned to their original owners. Which is always a bonus!

Your biggest challenge probably won’t be deciding whether or not to buy a collar, but more trying to find the right collar for your Doberman. Luckily, we’ve put together this article just for you. Keep reading for the answers you need and be sure to check out our frequently asked questions from Doberman owners.

It is important to note that Dobermans are willful and tend to pull when they are on a leash. Therefore, the collar needs to be sturdy to withstand pulling without compromising on your dog’s comfort.

So, if you are looking for the best collar for your Doberman, this article will come in handy. It features some of the most popular dog collars that have proven to work well for Dobermans. Let’s dive in…

What To Look For When Buying A Collar For Your Doberman

When you’re trying to find the best collar for your Doberman, there are three main features to focus on: durability, practicality and comfort.

Like with any product, you’ll want to make sure that the collar you choose will last the test of time (and won’t end up ruined within a week). A quick way to determine a collar’s durability is by looking at the materials used to make it. If the manufacturer used sturdy materials like tear-resistant nylon webbing the chances are that the collar will last much longer.

Comfort is always another consideration–especially for senior Dobermans who may have more sensitive skin. Even if the collar seems to fit your Doberman correctly, certain materials may still leave behind chafe marks or redness.

The best way to avoid this kind of skin irritation is by looking for collars that used a padded or soft interior. Neoprene lining is a great addition to any collar as this offers soft padding and can help prevent irritation.

Different Types Of Dog Collars For Dobermans

When you’re looking for the right collar for your Doberman, you should probably know that there are several different types–and not all of them will work the same way.

A shock collar, for instance, is designed to help train your Doberman and prevent bad behavior. Dobermans that have issues with excessive barking, aggressiveness, or even just escaping your property. Wearing an electronic training device can discourage these bad habits. When the dog acts out, the owner can deliver a small shock or vibration to their Doberman with a remote control. – Read our in depth article on Shock Collars here.

Martingale Collar

Another type of collar that’s popular among Doberman owners is the martingale collar. As professional escape artists, don’t be surprised if your Doberman tries to slip out of their collar or pulls aggressively on the lead. In addition to training, a martingale collar helps prevent these behaviors by applying pressure to your Doberman’s neck. While the pressure isn’t enough to choke the dog, it’s usually firm enough to make your Doberman stop immediately.

Prong Collars

Firstly it is important to understand how prong collars work. ‘Prong’ or ‘Pinch’ collars are based on the principle of applying something painful or frightening to stop an undesirable behaviour. When a dog pulls on the lead, the prongs of the collar close around the neck which can cause pain or discomfort which should reduce the chance of the dog pulling again.
Now while the use of a prong collar can help with a dog that behaves in an undesirable way when on a lead. It must be noted that unless the prong collar stops the dog from pulling and lurching the collar can be incredibly damaging to a dogs neck. In  ideal world, the collar would act as a deterrent for the dog and no longer pull. If this isn’t the case and you will need to ensure your dog has the correct obedience training either by yourself or a professional.

Light-up & Reflective Collars

Reflective or light-up collars are another choice. If your schedule requires you to take your Doberman out for walks during the later hours, you might want to consider a reflective or light-up collar. That way, when pedestrians or vehicles pass by, your dog will stay visible. Reflective collars typically do this by using reflective material while a light-up collar might use LED lights to stand out. From our experience most light-up collares are poorly made so please be cauctious when going down this avenue.

Nylon Collars

Nylon collars are made from soft durable webbing that will give your dog ultimate comfort during activity. Since they are so lightweight and comfortable, many dogs are not bothered by wearing a nylon collar all day long, making them perfect for everyday use. While out walking, nylon collars can often be a dog’s favourite to wear as they are lightweight and soft. The best thing about nylon collars is that they are easy to transition from various activities. Our tactical collars are a great choice for a practical every day nylon collar and also feature a soft neoprene lining for a more comfortable fit.

  • Advantages: Inexpensive, strong, and durable. They come in a huge range of sizes, colours and styles. It’s also easy to find leads that match the collars. These collars are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Disadvantages: They might irritate the skin and break the hair shafts of your dogs coat if they are not lined with a padding such as neoprene. Cheaper Nylon collars tend to lose their looks over time, as the fabric begins to fray around the edges and the original colour fades. On the flip side, their low cost doesn’t make this too much of an issue.
  • Leather Collars

    Leather dog collars have been a huge part of dog ownership for many years. Historically leather was primarily the only material widely available for dog collars and they were always the premium offering in terms of dog wear – often adorned in studs and metal fixings. That been said, times are changing. Not only are dog owners looking for more ethical products.

    • Advantages: Premium look & durable.
    • Disadvantages: Needs maintenance, unethical & can be expensive.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Big Should A Collar Be For An Adult Doberman?

    As a large breed, a fully-grown Doberman may have a neck size ranging from 16 to 24 inches. For many collars, this size is typically the “large” or “extra large”. Keep in mind, however, that every brand will size their collars a little differently. While a large might fit your Doberman in one product, you might need an medium in another. To ensure you get the right size, you should always measure your Doberman’s neck beforehand, and compare to the sizing chart on the product you want to purchase.

    What Size Collar Should I Purchase For My Doberman Puppy?

    The collar size you’ll choose out for your Doberman puppy will depend on your individual puppies neck size and their age. To avoid getting the wrong size, make sure you measure your puppies neck before you purchase and check the companies size guide. Since you know your Doberman will get bigger, it’s a good idea to purchase a collar that can be adjusted to a bigger size than your puppies current measurements. Aim to get a collar that at it’s smallest size fits your puppy. That will allow some room to grow into it.

    Is It A Legal Requirement For My Doberman To Wear A Collar In Public?

    In the United Kingdom itself, there is the Control of Dogs Order 1992 that states that all dogs will need to have a collar on them when they are in a public place, and the collar must have the contact details of the owner indicated on the collar itself. It can be written or engraved on the collar or on a tag. So yes, you are required by law to have the collar, whether you like it or not. This law is necessary as it allows any dog to be directed to its owner should it someone get lost when they are out. Of course, the contrary is true that any aggressive dog can be located should there be any accident too.

    If you aren’t sure whether or not your country has a specific law about it, you can always check with a local government official.

    How Do I Know If The Collar Is Too Uncomfortable On My Doberman?

    To figure out if your Doberman’s collar is uncomfortable for your dog to wear, try checking for visible signs of skin irritation like chafe marks or redness. If you notice any irritation you should remove the collar where possible, such as at home and then try a new collar with potentially more padding or made from a softer material.


    Keep in mind that every Doberman is different. The type of collar that one owner might need for their Doberman may not be exactly the kind of collar you need too. Ultimately, the type you choose to purchase will come down to your preferences and your dog’s individual temperament.

    As stressful as dog ownership can be, shopping for dog accessories can be almost just as tough. Although you want to make sure you get the best product for your dog, you also don’t want to needlessly waste your money either.

    We’ve added some products below that are a great choice for Dobermans.

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