Spinach: The trending dog Superfood

Spinach is one of the top trending superfoods. Regarded high for being rich in natural antioxidants, a source of fibre and essential nutrients. Today we find spinach in a variety of human grocery products, as well as food service. This fantastic vegetable is also crossing over into dog food, with many brands promoting spinach due[…]

The vegetables making their way into pet food

The Humanisation trend is continuing to grow in the pet food industry, with a large amount of pet food owners being more aware than ever before of their pet’s health and wellness. A recent ingredient that is making its way into pet food formulas is Cruciferous vegetables. What are the Cruciferous Vegetables?These are members of[…]

Why is MOS and FOS in dog food?

MOS and FOS are two major classes of prebiotics commonly used in pet food for their functional benefits. They are non-digestible carbohydrates that can help to stimulate the growth and activity of beneficial gut bacteria, as well as support immune function and faecal quality.These ingredients are highly stable with minimal impact when exposed to changes[…]