What is the best dog collar for a puppy

So you’ve taken the plunge, you’ve bought the cutest little ball of love! – Getting a new puppy is one of life’s greatest joys. That said, it’s a lot of work, too. You have to buy dog bowls, beds, leashes, toys, food, medicine — and, of course, dog collars. You obviously need something to attach their lead to if you ever want to leave the house. But what should you look for? What are the best collars for puppies?

The three biggest things to consider are Comfort, Durability, and Size.
Comfort – You want the collar to be comfortable so your pup doesn’t hate wearing it. Puppies don’t naturally love collars, it’s a new and strange thing for them to have around their neck. It takes some getting used to. To help with this, look for fabrics like soft Nylon or Polyester which are comfortable and soft for your puppy. 
Durability – Puppies and dogs in general tend to have a habit of damaging things with minimal effort!   Durability-wise, you want to make sure the collar you choose is constructed with high-quality materials and well-sewn stitching to ensure it lasts past the first few walks and chews!
Size – Puppies grow so fast! Most of them finishing their growing in the space of 12 months so you can imagine just how quickly they can out grow their collars. You’ll want to make sure the collar you choose is not only the correct size for them now, but also ensure it’s easily adjustable so it continues to fit them through their first growing stages.
Once your dog is full grown you can then be a little more adventurous and choose a collar that will be with them for much longer. We’ve outlined some potential types below:
Tactical Nylon – Tactical dog collars are a very popular choice for every day use. They are affordable, durable and still a great looking collar. You can check out our selection of tactical collars here.
Stainless Steel Chain – These are what we call ‘Marmite’ collars – You either love them or hate them! They are the most durable collars on the market. Constructed of 100% 316L Stainless Steel ensures these will stand the test of time. They will not wear, rust or corrode. If your dog loves a mud bath, you’ll just need to wipe the collar clean! Check out our Stainless Steel Chains here.
Nylon – Most collars on the market are simple nylon designs – There are millions of varieties and are easily accessible and very affordable. We have a different spin on that, we have 3 piece sets in our Mayfair Collection that have a premium collar with a matching bow tie and lead! – Check out the Mayfair collection of nylon collars.