Should i buy a Nylon dog collar?

Nylon Dog Collars – Are they a good choice?

Nylon dog collars are perhaps the most popular dog collars on available. Nylon is tough, durable and tend to handle water well. They’re also very easy to clean and they’re generally less expensive than leather dog collars.

Nylon dog collars come in practically any colour you can think of, including solid colours, striped, animal print, geometrical, floral, and other prints. It’s also easy to find a wide range of style to suit your taste. As nylon collars are often adjustable in just  a few seconds you can see why it’s the collar of choice for most dog owners.

You can find nylon dog collars with all sorts of embellishments, including metal studs, metal spikes, embroidery, bells, and anything that dangles. Some ever come decorated with rhinestones or beadwork.

  • Advantages: They are inexpensive, strong, and durable. They come in a huge range of sizes, colours, and styles. It’s also easy to find leads that match the collars. These collars are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Disadvantages: They might irritate the skin and break the hair shafts of your dogs coat. Nylon collars tend to lose their looks over time, as the fabric begins to fray around the edges and the original colour fades. On the flip side, their low cost doesn’t make this too much of an issue.

3 Benefits of a Nylon Dog Collars


Nylon collars are made from soft durable webbing that will give your dog ultimate comfort during activity. Since they are so lightweight and comfortable, many dogs are not bothered by wearing a nylon collar all day long, making them perfect for everyday use. While out walking, nylon collars can often be a dog’s favourite to wear as they are lightweight and soft. The best thing about nylon collars is that they are easy to transition from various activities. Our tactical collars are a great choice for a practical every day nylon collar.


Along with being comfortable, nylon dog collars come in a variety of colours, sizes and styles. With these multipurpose collars, you can find an option to go with every activity your pet loves.


Most nylon collars are adjustable, making it easy to find the perfect size for any dog. No matter if your dog is small or big, a nylon collar can fit perfectly. You can measure your dog’s neck with fabric measuring tape, string, or by laying their collar out flat to find the perfect size. See our sizing guide.


How to clean a Nylon Dog Collar

Cleaning a Nylon collar is very easy. The best way we’ve found is to simply place the collar in a bowl or sink of warm water with plain soap. Leave it to soak for around 30 minutes and then rinse of thoroughly. Be sure to rinse the collar well enough to remove any soap residue that may irritate your dog’s skin.