Best dog collar for large dogs

Larger dogs will always need a more secure and safe collar or harness to ensure they’re comfortable and controlled. There are several areas that we will cover here which should hopefully help you make the correct decision.

So firstly we need to discuss durability, you need to ensure the collar you choose is built to last and will withstand any pulling from your dog. We would highly recommend a collar that is make from a durable material such as Nylon and ideally with a metal buckle or fixing. Although metal buckles are hard to find, they are worth it as plastic buckles can easily break or become damaged over time. To give you a good idea of a collar that would be suitable for a large dog please check out our tactical collars.

Secondly, you need to consider the impact on your dogs windpipe if they were to pull a lot. A wide collar will spread the load across a larger part of their neck which will reduce the impact on their windpipe. A common size tends to be 2″/5cm. This offers a great balance of style and practicality.


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