The role of antioxidants in dog food

It is a common theme to hear that antioxidants have many benefits, with many health-related pet foods, marketed as having antioxidant properties.

What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are chemicals found in many fruits and plants that offer several health benefits to the body. They help to eliminate harmful chemicals in the blood but also reduce oxidation (gain of oxygen) of the blood, which leads to better circulation, more energy and less fatigue in the muscles.

Why does a dog need antioxidants?

As dogs are mammals, they are prone to the same kind of oxidative damage and stress as humans, which can lead to feeling weak and drowsy. Oxidative stress on a dogs body can result in weakening on the immune system and decreasing the absorption of healthy nutrients into the blood.

Our Superfood Dog Food recipes contain a fantastic selection of ingredients including vegetable ingredients that naturally produce antioxidants to help aid a dogs health and reduce oxidation stress on the body.