Measuring for a Chain Collar

It’s import to get the correct measurement of your dog’s neck size before ordering. The best and most accurate way is to use a fabric tape measure. This allows you to accurately measure the circumference of your dogs neck.

We always recommend going for the next size up. For example, if your dogs neck measures 20″ then ordering the 22″ which most likely offer a more comfortable fit.

Please ensure that the size you purchase is larger than your dog’s neck, but SMALLER than their overall head size. This will prevent the collar from slipping off.

Some people prefer to have additional slack on their collars for aesthetic purposes. This is normally achieved by adding between 1-3″ to the required size. Please keep in mind that if the collar is larger than your dog’s head, it could slip off.


How to measure using their current collar:

Do not measure end to end.  This is a very common mistake
Measure from the spot indicated below on the ‘male’ end of the buckle (This is where the end of the female side of the connector meets the male side) to the whole you currently have your dog’s collar on.

Please remember to allow for some slack for comfort.

Please remember to allow for some slack for comfort.