Should i buy a leather dog collar?

Leather dog collars have been a huge part of dog ownership for many years. Historically leather was primarily the only material widely available for dog collars and they were always the premium offering in terms of dog wear – often adorned in studs and metal fixings. That been said, times are changing. Not only are dog owners looking for more ethical products, there is also a much wider selection of dog neck wear available.

Alternatives to leather collars

Pros of leather collars

  • Premium Look
  • Durable

Cons of leather collars

  • Need maintaining
  • Not ethical
  • Expensive


As a dog owner it’s incredibly daunting when it comes to choosing a collar. We would always recommend choosing a collar that is both practical and comfortable such as a tactical nylon collar. Nylon collars are incredibly durable and reasonably prices. They can easily be washed and dried which is very important for those mucky pups out there.