The vegetables making their way into pet food

Dog Superfood

The Humanisation trend is continuing to grow in the pet food industry, with a large amount of pet food owners being more aware than ever before of their pet’s health and wellness. A recent ingredient that is making its way into pet food formulas is Cruciferous vegetables. What are the Cruciferous Vegetables?These are members of[…]

Why is MOS and FOS in dog food?

MOS and FOS are two major classes of prebiotics commonly used in pet food for their functional benefits. They are non-digestible carbohydrates that can help to stimulate the growth and activity of beneficial gut bacteria, as well as support immune function and faecal quality.These ingredients are highly stable with minimal impact when exposed to changes[…]

Why are vegetable ingredients important in pet food?

A long and healthy lifestyle is what pet owners try to accomplish for their pets.  A well-balanced and high quality nutritious diet with health benefits is a key factor in achieving this. Vitamins and Minerals Vegetable ingredients are a fantastic source of fibre, minerals and vitamins. Vitamins keep a pet’s skin and coat healthy, strengthen[…]

The Importance of Digestibility

The Research The digestibility of pet food is the quantity of nutrients available for absorption from the intestine into the bloodstream. Nutrient bioavailability is the proportion of the absorbed nutrients that are carried to tissues and available for use by the body. Because a highly digestible food provides a higher proportion of absorbed nutrients than[…]

Consumer confusion around allergies

Talking with consumers can be illuminating. Those conversations often reveal what consumers believe about food allergies: that is, their pets have an allergy to a meat protein (chicken, beef, etc). How do they know for sure? Could it be a flea bite? Is it observed during the relative humidity months of the year? Is their[…]